Program Benefits

QUIP™ Program Benefits for Employers and VC professionals

The QUIP™ certification is the standard in the venture investment industry; learn how you can make it a part of your hiring practices and development programs.

Our firm’s excellence comes from its investment professionals, the QUIP™ credential demonstrates competency in deal sourcing, due diligence, understanding portfolio construction, advanced portfolio management, financial expertise, and technical skills, underpinned by ethical conduct and the highest standards of practice.

A Valuable Investment

  • The QUIP™ credential offers professional status to your employees.
  • Obtain and retain qualified employees through QUIP™
  • Get the QUIP™ Certification without going to school
  • Network across teams, locations and other investment professionals
  • Many leading institutions in the Venture Capital profession pay for or reimburse their employees for QUIP™ certification programs.

Gain Business Advantages

  • Uniquely positions your associates to serve the firm’s needs.
  • Helps build positive and professional relationships within your network
  • Offers firm and investor protection and reduces risk exposure

Commitment to be Professional

  • Demonstrates superior practitioner and team competence underpinned by ethics.
  • Fosters recognition and partnership in the global marketplace through a shared credential.
  • Strengthens a disciplined, profession-focused working environment driven by customer goals.

Respect & Recognition

The QUIP™ credential is the most respected and recognized VC designation in the world. QUIP™ Institute is the world's largest association of unaffiliated VC professionals mission-driven and industry-attuned, building on 50+ years of proven leadership; offers members access to the latest financial research, community, thought leadership, and continuing education; and provides an active hiring network and access to our Career Center talent tools.