QUIP™ VC Certification (Comprehensive)

Focuses in early-stage investments

$ 3,000 USD

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9 Months
Lifetime Access
Access From Any Computer, Tablet or Mobile

About the course


The QUIP™ certification program is an experiential online/virtual program, which prepares you to enter the VC industry by allowing you to practice the essential skills required to be successful.

Additionally, QUIP™ institute offers course materials that will provide you with the foundational knowledge and the practiced based approach of the program will provide the necessary expertise to obtain a full-time job in Venture Capital. If you are looking for your first job in venture capital, have limited exposure to the industry through internships, or want to seek out an alternate career path, this program is for you!

The certification program is intended to give you a leg up when looking to enter the venture industry by equipping you with know-how to either seek employment in the venture capital industry, start your own fund or start a venture backable startup.

What will you learn


The program will focus on developing your skills over a period of nine months designed to work around your existing schedule, divided into three semesters (requiring 4-5 hours of study per week), which include the following modules:

Semester 1

  • Ethics and Standards
  • Inner Workings of a VC firm(structure, roles, business model)
  • Deal sourcing

Semester 2

  • Building a personal brand
  • VC term sheets, investment instruments, essential legal provisions
  • Basics of portfolio construction and Investment thesis

Semester 3

  • Fund Formation and Fund raising
  • Due Diligence methods
  • LP Reporting, Portfolio maintenance and Board Governance

2022 sessions are led by John Francis, General Partner at Stout Street Capital

John Francis, a QUIP™ certified VC comes with years of Venture capital experience, he manages a seed stage fund based in Denver and has invested in over 63 startups and is a board member at Botco. Ai, Schola and Board Observer at Fluent Forever. He is also the founder member of the UNMET conferences that promotes investment in underserved regions in the middle of the country, the conference is attended by over 300 VC funds and has helped raise over $500M for Startups in the US. He brings a unique set of perspectives and experiences to the 2022 class of QUIP® certification seekers.

“Most new entrants have a jarring experience when entering the venture capital industry, without any prior experience it is impossible to succeed, QUIP™ certification prepares and equips you to be successful”

Industry Professionals: Existing Industry Professionals could also benefit from this certification, by completing the coursework at your own pace and completing the exam, Industry professionals will be eligible to apply for the QUIP™ charter.

Results after course completion

By completing the courses, you will be earning certification + badges.

$ 3,000 USD

A comprehensive online/virtual 9 month course that encompasses all aspects of the VC industry.

9 Months
Lifetime Access
Access From Any Computer, Tablet or Mobile