Ethics & Guidelines


Take advantage of tools and resources to market yourself to new clients and firms, as you build public awareness of QUIP™ certification as the standard of excellence in private investing.

Proper use of the QUIP™ badge

  • Always use capital letters.
  • Never use periods.
  • Always use the ® symbol.
  • Always use with one of QUIP™ Institute’s approved nouns ("certificant," "professional," "designee," "certification”).
  • The QUIP™ badge must not be used as a parenthetical abbreviation for the QUALIFIED INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL badge. Improper Use: “John Doe is a QUALIFIED INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL (QUIP™) professional.
  • Certificants are strictly prohibited from using the QUIP™ mark and the QUALIFIED INDUSTRY PROFESSIONAL mark in domain names/URLs and email addresses used by them. 


The certificate program offered by QUIP™ Institute is unaccredited and voluntary, while it is accepted by a some practitioners and firms, it doesn’t offer any guarantees to the certificate holders, or promise employment in the Venture Capital industry.